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Upcoming Workshops

Breathwork Workshops

Breathwork is beautiful combination of physical healing and profound spiritual experience.  Let It Flow is excited to bring this to you through our fabulous facilitator Valerie Moon.  Valerie travels all over New England (and soon the world) to deliver her one of a kind experience.  She has shifted into a unique merge with this work by combining both circular breathing and shamanic energy healing to support the intentions of breath.  This work brings in deep healing and balancing within the mind, body, and soul.  Breath work creates a feeling of peace, calm, and a sense of euphoria for most participants.  Release stress and bring in joy during any one of her phenomenal events.   


Crystal Sound Bowl Healing

Experience the transformational power of sound bowl healing at Let It Flow Massage & Wellness Center where this beautiful experience is facilitated by Michelle Goodwine.  Michelle begins each session with a guided meditation infused with a beautiful healing stream bringing you into a gentle state of deep relaxation, the vibrations of the singing bowls are then introduced allowing you to experience a full spectrum of frequencies that balance and harmonize the body.  Containership is important in group settings and Michelle's ability to create individualized healing containers for each participant will leave you feeling safe, secure and ready to let it all go and let it all flow!!   During our sound bowl events you’ll be guided towards balance and harmony of your system while releasing blockages in a gentle and serene environment.  Our center and facilitators are carefully curated to provide you with a high vibrational, peaceful and tranquil environment where you can fully let go and connect with your inner self.  Bring with you any and all intentions or join us with no expectations at all and see where the energy takes you, either way this journey is sure to be an experience that you don’t want to miss!! 


Energy Medicine Training Workshops

Want to learn how to navigate your way through life overcoming challenges with ease?  

Check out our upcoming trainings in multiple modalities of energy medicine and learn how to quickly and easily apply them to your daily living to create more of the life that you dream of!!

Self Clearing & Energy Balancing Workshop

What if I told you that our minds and thoughts are like computers, set up to run on a default setting?  A default setting that is filled with information supplied by our experiences, our family, schooling, ancestors, DNA, friends, expectations, culture and religious runs deep and is given to us at the time of birth and then built upon as we move through our lifetime.  This default setting affects how we think, feel, and interpret experiences as we move throughout the day.  Some of this feels really good and works well for us and some of it doesn't.  When was the last time that you examined your default setting?  How is it working for you?  Would you like to shift towards or away from any part of it?  Maybe it worked for you for a while but something about it needs a tweak?  I have good news!!  We can easily clear our system and shift our path by repairing the current program or by choosing a new program that better matches our current needs!


We do this by balancing, repairing and aligning our energy system!!!  I know, I know - who has time for another thing?!?  Guess what?  This is something that becomes as fast as a deep breath and I am so excited to show you how it's done in the

Self Clearing & Energy Balancing Workshop!! 

Reiki I & Reiki II Certifications

Reiki is the embodiment of unconditional love & guidance. It is utilized for the healing of and the betterment of anything it is offered to!!  

From a spiritual perspective - Reiki works by harnessing and focusing universal life force energy to any person, place, thing, or situation.  It is often used for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or psychic healing and guidance.  There are no limitation to the use of Reiki and it's worldwide use is bringing peace to all areas of our lives both individually and collectively!

From a scientific perspective - Reiki treatments call attention to the bioelectrical system in the body to stimulate it's own healing capabilities and help to restore physical and emotional wellbeing.  Reiki practitioners are trained in emitting this bioelectric frequency from their hands which activates the natural healing process for their clients.


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