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Image that invokes all the senses of relaxation through aromatherapy and salt therapy in a beautiful sauna

A message from the owner

"It is my mission to provide clients with sessions that will help them relax their bodies, calm their minds and rejuvenate their spirits.  The goal is to bring an awareness to the energetic system so that you not only reach this space of balance and peace during and after the session but build skills to carry it throughout daily life.  Every day can feel like massage day! "

- Michelle Goodwine

Why I created Let it Flow Massage & Wellness

During my experience working in the “rat race” of American culture (said with love, as I have much gratitude for all I experienced and learned during that time in my life) I found myself craving something more.  I had joy and happiness but I also wanted serenity. I yearned for a calmness inside myself; I prayed the serenity prayer throughout my 20’s and well into my 30’s: you know the one, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”? Yeah that prayer!  I squeezed and hoped and prayed, I tried so hard to live by my dad’s famous line “it is what it is” but it didn’t come.  I was stuck with my monkey mind of should’ve, could’ve and why this and why not that.  When my mind was in that place it was exhausting and confusing.  Confusing because I was a happy person and I laughed A LOT, have a loving family, love life, and lived with gratitude: but something was missing. I wanted more of a steady internal peace, one that wasn’t at the mercy of external circumstances that life throws in the mix! I knew it was possible, I studied practices of Buddhist monks.  I found: they practiced being still & quiet, they practice strict routines, don’t let their emotions control their interactions and reactions, they don't have so many questions for life or freeze in the midst of opposition; not knowing what to say or how to say it.  They have discipline and structure in their life and because of this they are in full control of their energetic systems. I saw it was possible. I continued to search and read until slowly I became introduced into tapping into my own energy.  I started to study Reiki and began practicing on myself and my family and I was able to see the effects calming the mind began to have on life.  It was a great start and I was happy but I like to have options, so I wasn't done. I found an amazing Chinese medicine doctor who was happy to mentor me in Traditional Chinese Medicine and teach me what it meant to have a full body connection: mind, physical body and energetic system.  There I studied Tui Na (body work that uses acupressure points), Qi Gong (a moving meditation), and lessons in the Dao De Jing.  There it was, the Dao De Jing in all of  it’s simplistic complexity and it finally started to sink in.  It was my own expectations that were driving my monkey mind into overdrive!  It was through these studies and learning to let go of expectations that I began to truly feel my own energetic system and achieve true peace of mind.  Lucky for me, it didn’t end there, I began my studies at Spa Tech Institute and my journey continued. I learned how to better access my parasympathetic nervous system through Massage, RYSE meditations, chakra clearings, and Polarity.  Talk about blown away, this was it, so many modalities and they all worked in their own way complimentary way, my prayers were finally answered!!  I found the path to serenity and it was beautiful and simple and there was more than one way to get there!  This amazing calmness that felt so unachievable, and I found my way to it.  So here I am ecstatic with my find and a giver by nature, guess what comes next?  You got it!  I am bringing this to you, my clients through Let it Flow Massage & Wellness. A place where you can come, relax, let go of the monkey mind and Let it Flow!!

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