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Relaxation - Healing & Meditation in nature

My philosophy is best described by a quote from Harbhajan Singh Yogi who says


"Your mind, emotions and body are instruments. The way you align and tune them, determines how well you play life." 


My passion is providing clients with sessions that will help align and tune them, to create a space for clients to “do life” to their best ability! 


My unsolicited advice is to make time for your tune ups, whatever they may be! 


Warm Regards,

Michelle Goodwine

What our clients are saying:

"I had an amazing fully body massage and polarity session with Michelle. I walked in feeling very low energy and very stressed. After I left Michelle, I felt like a new person! She relaxed my mind and body and left me feeling energized and balanced. It was a cathartic experience physically, emotionally, and mentally!"

-Andree R

Massage Supplies

“I have received polarity from Michelle on a few occasions and each session was unique and customized to my body’s need at the time. She is very intuitive and I felt very relaxed but also energized after each session. I would highly recommend Michelle for your next energy session!” - Danielle 

“I'm not someone who treats herself as often as I should to a massage.  And over the years I've unfortunately had a few bad ones that left me very dissapointed.  Not with Michelle though.  Whether you are looking to just relax or are having a specific issue you need worked out, you'll leave happy!  I will definitely be back more often now! - Jenny T

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