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Appointments and pricing are based on length of time needed with your therapist rather than by modality.  Click on any of the book now buttons - choose the length of time preferred and set your appointment!

Schedule your appointment or sign up for a membership using any of the "book now" links   

How do I know how long of a session I will need?!?! 

Here is a general rule of thumb:

An energy balancing  and relaxation massage combo with 1 major area or 2 moderate areas of focus would do best with a 75 to 90 minute session.


For multiple areas with moderate to severe tension patterns consider choosing a 90 to 120 minute session and or multiple sessions for the best results. 

Feel free to contact us by text, phone, or email if you would like help determining how to schedule.

Now offering Tandem Relaxation Session for 2 - Couples Massage Experience

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Member pricing:
60 minutes $90
75 minutes $112
90 minutes $134
120 minutes $168
Session Enhancements $20
Distance Reiki $68
VibroAcoustic Lounge Session $40
VibroAcoustic Lounge Session w/Energy Clearing $54



Non-Member pricing:
60 minutes $100
75 Minutes $125
90 minutes $147
120 minutes $195
Session Enhancements $25
Reiki Distance Session $75

VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy $45
VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy w/ Energy Clearing $60

Skipping your massage this month?  No worries, membership sessions can be gifted to a friend or carried over for up to 3 months!!!

Service Descriptions:

**Swedish Massage

Soothe the mind, Nourish the soul, Calm the body

Swedish Massage technique focuses mainly on relaxation in order to help relieve overall tension in the body, as well as increase endorphins & blood flow.  Pressure is tailored to clients preference and can range from light to firm.  

In our fast pace world of multi tasking we have inadvertently trained our bodies to live in fight or flight mode causing un due stress on the body.  Effects of stress include:

~ Low energy

~ Headaches & General aches and pains

~ Upset stomach (including diarrhea, nausea, and constipation)

~ Incresed heart rate and High blood pressure

Swedish Massage is a wonderful way to help our system rest and reset! 

Images of aromatherapy scents - inducing relaxation through all the senses

**Deep Tissue Massage

Release deep tension patterns & Rejuvenate your body

Deep tissue massage sessions are created to relieve specific areas of strain in the body while also relaxing the overall system through a combination of firm massage and deeper concentrated pressure. 

Trigger point therapy, stretching and firm kneading of the muscles are used to release these tension points and relieve pain in the body. 

Pressure Point Massage

**Prenatal Massage

Soothing & Rejuvenating

Pamper yourself with a custom Prenatal massage.  For this session we primarily use Swedish technique with a concentration on problem areas as needed.


Benefits of massage during and after pregnancy include:

~ Relaxation and tension relief

~ Reduction in swelling of hands and feet

~ Improvement in amount of sleep and sleep quality

~ Relief of lower back pain

~ Assistance in the preparation of the body for labor and delivery

Pillows and propping are so comfy that you may find yourself falling asleep.  The technique of propping for optimal comfort is something that you will learn and be able to use when resting at home!  You will leave feeling relaxed and renewed!

Pampering & relaxation for pregnancy massage


Jumpstart your body: Heal, Calm & Balance


Reiki works with the energetic, physical and emotional aspects of our bodies to address imbalances in it's systems.  It acts as a jumpstart, or call to action for your body to begin to heal itself on all levels.  

Reasons you may want to experience a Reiki session:
~ General balancing & energy boost
~ Clearing emotional blocks & Increasing clarity of life's obstacles
~ Relief from physical pain
~ To calm the nervous system helping to alleviate symptoms from anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, auto immune disorders and other health issues

People who have an interest in energy, and how that energy flows through us and around us can be channeled, usually find Reiki at the perfect time for them.  Reiki can be used in conjunction with other therapies as it takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes.  Sessions are available hands on in office or sent by distance work.


Reiki is provided through Michelle Goodwine,

Reiki Master 

Reiki Sessions - Polarity Therapy - & Energy Balancing -

**Tui Na

Balance your Chi: Relax, Release & Let it Flow

Tui Na (pronounced “twee nah”)  is a very important aspect of Fengyang Chinese Medicine; a centuries old teaching and belief that when our energy is correct, there can be no problem in the body.


 During your session your practitioner will use a combination of trigger point therapy and a relaxing circular kneading of the muscles: this technique frees tension in both the energetic and muscular system simultaneously, and helps to bring the body into it's natural state of balance. 


While releasing the trigger points, clients may feel some discomfort (similar to deep tissue), this sensation is brought on by the deep tension patterns that the body has held on to over time. As this tension releases you will find yourself relaxed and  will leave feeling renewed and invigorated.  


After even just a single session, clients report seeing changes to their body, mind and energy levels.


Tui Na is provided by Michelle Goodwine,

Fengyang TCM Tui Na practitioner

**Polarity Therapy & Chakra Balancing

Balance, Relax & Revitalize

Polarity balancing therapy is used in holistic and energetic wellness practices to open blocked channels in the bodies electromagnetic field.  A series of acupressure points are gently pressed along the meridians, clearing the blocks and opening the channels to allow the energy to flow freely.  Quartz crystals (similar to the ones that supply energy to our watches) are used during the session to assist in the movement of the energy flow in the body.  


After the session you will feel clear, aligned and revitalized.  It is important to experience this clarity in order to raise an awareness of your energetic system, how it affects you and what effects it throughout your day. 


Polarity can be used in conjunction with Swedish Massage or as a stand alone treatment.  

Polarity Therapy is provided by Michelle Goodwine,

Certified Polarity Therapist


Melt away stress and improve your brainwave function on a cellular level while resting on the deeply relaxing Vibro-Acoustic Lounge.

These fabulous lounge sessions stimulate brain cells and function through carefully designed programs that combine sound waves and vibration; creating a therapy that is amazing for bringing the body into a deeply meditative state where healing of those cells and the nervous system takes place.

Our brain controls all our bodies function and effects things such as memory, mood, cognitive abilities, stress levels and pain to name a few.  In our world of multitasking, on the go life styles, anxiety, and trauma our brains have been trained to stay in a high state of functioning.  This is great for completing tasks and keeping us safe, however problems arise when we aren’t able to access the slower and more relaxed brain wave frequencies; it contributes to lack of good sleep and other symptoms that prevent our bodies and minds from functioning optimally. 

Using the lounge for as little as 2 to 3 half hour sessions per week for just a few weeks can improve many symptoms created from an overactive, and overworked brain.

Schedule your session now and begin

relaxing and retraining your brain!!




Receive all the benefits of the Lounge Session with the added benefit of a full energy clearing, aligning and balancing!!

Our energy systems are always on the move, collecting input from each of our interactions in our lives - positive and negative. Negatively charged emotions contract our systems and create blocks in the flow of our energy levels as well as our thoughts and behaviors. We feel these blocks in our physical bodies and in our emotional states. Energy clearing and balancing neutralizes the negative charges allowing us to flow through the world with more clarity and ease. This is a deep clearing and includes: Aura, Chakras, Ida & Pingala, Ying & Yang Energies, releasing of both personal and ancestral cords, releasing of expectations, limiting beliefs, thoughts and behavior patterns that are no longer serving your best and highest good. This clearing take place through all time, space, dimensions and lives and is truly a transformational experience. The Vibroacoustic Technology creates a full body immersion of vibration and sound therapy shifting the brain waves into a deeply relaxed state and opening up the energetic system for healing.

Energy Session is provided by Michelle Goodwine,

Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist, Tui Na Practitioner



  • CBD Massage - Add CBD drops and essential oils to your massage to help relieve pain, decrease inflammation and deepen relaxation.  The lavender CBD oil is my favorite!!

  • Hot Stone - We offer both Himalayan Salt Stones and traditional basalt stones.  Stones are used to warm and soothe the body deepening the relaxation response and release of tension.  These can be used during either a Swedish or Deep Tissue session

  • Cold Stone - Used in conjunction with Swedish or Deep Tissue massage to: reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, cool the body from a hot flash, and reduce inflammation. Cold stones used on the face and scalp have been known to help relieve the pain from migraines

  • Scalp treatment - Invigorate the scalp with a warm Jojoba Oil application and scalp massage - Hot oil massage treatments help to reduce dryness of the scalp & hair, stimulate blood circulation: leading to a better distribution of nutrients to the hair follicles. This nourishment and strengthening of hair follicles can lead to faster hair growth.

  • Cupping-Cups engage the fascia, skin and muscles with suction to stimulate energy flow and circulation while warming up the area so the therapist can release deeper trigger points.  Different styles and cups are used to release tension based on your bodies needs and your preferences.  Dynamic cupping is one style where the cups are guided over the body in a gliding motion this is an effective yet mild version of cupping.  Static cupping is another style where the cups are left "static" in one spot where there are deeper tension points or tighter fascia.  Please note, because of the use of suction there may be some blemishing of the skin which resolves in however long it would normally take your body to rid itself of a bruise (different for everyone).  This choice is good for anyone who would like to quicken results relieving trigger points and deepening relaxation!

  • **Sessions can be a fabulous compliment to, not a replacement of, care from a doctor.  Please inform your practitioner of any medical conditions in order for us to safely help you reach your goals**

    I love this peaceful pic of a lounge session in action!!

    Vibration and Sound Lounge - creating a deeply relaxing experience
    Image of the word heal - we create an environment for the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in and heal your body

    **Let it Flow Massage & Wellness is happy to provide corporate wellness programs and chair massage events.  Contact us for details and pricing!

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