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Vibro-Acoustic Lounge & Energy Clearing

Zen out with this total body, mind and spirit rejuvenation experience!!

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 US dollars
  • Let it Flow Massage & Wellness

Service Description

In our fast paced world of multitasking and on the go lifestyles our minds and bodies are operating at such a high frequency that our brain waves have difficulty shifting into a relaxed state. Our energy systems are also on the move, constantly collecting input from all our interactions of the day - positive and negative. Negatively charged emotions contract our systems and create blocks in the flow of our lives. We feel these in our physical bodies and in our emotional states. Energy clearing and balancing neutralizes the negative charge allowing us to flow through the world with more clarity and ease. This is a deep clearing and includes: Aura, Chakras, Ida & Pingala, Ying & Yang Energies, releasing of both personal and ancestral cords, releasing of expectations and limiting beliefs, thoughts and behavior patterns that are no longer serving your best and highest good. This clearing take place through all time, space, dimensions and lives and is truly a transformational experience. The Vibroacoustic Technology creates a full body immersion of vibration and sound therapy shifting the brain waves into a deeply relaxed state and opening up the energetic system for healing. Adding this combo of this quick and effective therapy to your selfcare routine has numerous health benefits: * Lower stress/anxiety * Sore Muscle Relief * Better energy * Improved mood * Mental clarity/focus * Increased creativity *Improved sleep *Improved relationships *Improved sense of self

Cancelation Policy

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are non refundable and non transferrable. We understand emergencies do happen, under some circumstances, this policy may be waived once per lifetime per client. We understand some clients require more flexibility, we have options for that as well. We offer same day wait lists available if pre scheduling does not work well for your lifestyle. Please call our office and request a "possible appointment" for the day you hope to come in, we will contact you the day before and inform you if there is time available. If you choose to reserve this time it is now considered an actual appointment and the regular cancellation policy applies.

Contact Details

  • 1900 West Park Drive, Westborough, MA, USA


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